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How to relax to get a better nights sleep

Knowing how to relax is vital for ensuring your health and well-being, as well as restoring the passion and joy in your life. Allowing stress to affect you can lead to depression, illness, weight gain and a general sense of malcontent.

Recognize stress.

Obviously, some stress is good for us — it adds interest, excitement and motivation to life, in the right balance. It is when the level of stress in your life causes you to put up with things that are harming or distressing you constantly that you risk sliding into being too stressed.

Set aside time to relax.

Once you have accepted that there are negative stress impacting your life, it's important to make room for relaxation amid all those busy things you're doing.

Make healthy dietary choices.

Eating well can help your body feel balanced and healthy, making you less susceptible to spikes in blood sugar and feelings of anxiety.

Exercise every day.

This is the best-known, scientifically-proven way to significantly reduce stress. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to overcome stress if you exercise regularly.

Try a massage.

Go to your local spa for a great massage. Undoing the body knots is a good pathway to undoing the mind knots.

Practice positive thinking.

Positive thinking isn't about wishful or dreamer thinking; it's about making the most of the situations that you find yourself in and avoiding any tendency to add negative overlays.

Practice meditation.

Remove all thoughts and emotions from your mind by concentrating on your breathing. Meditation takes you into focusing on your whole being as a form of relaxation, rather than just focusing on one area of your body as any other relaxation technique tends to do. It can take a while to master, but it is well worth the effort.

If you sit in a quiet place and put the music on you will be amazed at how much it relaxes you!

Amazing music to help you sleep.

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